Hi, I'm Dave.

I'm the co-founder of Civic Service at Parsons DESIS Lab.

I also work in the NYC Mayor's Office of Tech and Innovation.

Let's connect via email, Twitter or Linkedin.

Things I've done since 2008:

Posters displayed at Civic Shop

Walked up and down many streets in NYC

Started fencing again after a 2 year break

Planned a very big job fair in Far Rockaway

Helped civil servants use design to rethink free condoms

Hosted NYC's great minds to rethink civic life

Hosted the equally brilliant and humble Christian Bason

Hosted Singapore's Behavioral Insights and Design Unit

Hosted one of the men behind the epic Helsinki Design Lab

Helped civil servants redesign a government workspace

Was a government "speed dater" with a bunch of designers

Hosted Canada's government design all-stars to talk labs

Hosted NYC's great minds to rethink civic life

Hosted social innovation community builders

Hosted the only anthropologist to get a job as a sanitation worker

Hosted the awesome Red Jotter

Started working on disaster recovery from Sandy

Brought service designers together to drink

Stopped by the Service Design Jam

Lectured at Parsons

Hosted innovators from inside NYC government

Hosted hacktivists working to open up government

Hosted those at the intersection of government and beyond

Hosted Chelsea Mauldin - and launched Civic Service!

Visualized the data behind NYC's disaster operations

Took many photos of Hurricane Sandy's destruction

Managed disaster logistics during Hurricane Sandy

Used design to help a dysfunctional police department

Mapped 1000+ fire hydrants

Visited the National Fire Academy

Interned at my local fire department