Communications manager for NYC Housing Recovery and co-founder of Civic Service at Parsons.

I occasionally write and talk about design and government. Resume is here.

Drop a line: daveseliger [at] gmail.com or @daveseliger

Civic Service

Civic Service is a series of events aimed at connecting driven civil servants, exposing them to ground-breaking ideas and projects from across all sectors, and teaching them problem-solving tools and techniques. We also hold events for the greater civic innovation community that explore government projects, processes and practices.

The project is an initiative from the Parsons DESIS Lab and co-founders Eduardo Staszowski and Elliott Montgomery.

Disaster Data Visualization

As the final project for my fellowship with the NYC Office of Emergency Management, I collected, cleaned, analyzed, and visualized the data generated in the City's Logistics Center during Hurricane Sandy. The goal was to clearly explain our logistics system to an audience with limited knowledge about the process. I created thirty-one infographics and diagrams in total.

Community Disaster Networks

One of my main projects during my fellowship with the NYC Office of Emergency Management was to help advance the City's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). The CERT program engages community members as leaders of emergency preparedness at the local level. I designed and prototyped an online community disaster network tool called CANDLE, which serves as a guiding light for CERT members to understand the elements of their communities that are critical during a disaster.

Service Design + Police

My senior thesis inolved working with a local police department and using a combination of design thinking and systems thinking to identify areas for innovation within the organization. I spent three months conducting intensive one-on-one interviews with more than twenty police officers, often from the passenger seat of a police car. I then conducted workshops with each of the rotational shifts and the administration to identify the largest areas of concern. At the end of the project, an all-department meeting - the first in a decade - set the stage for future organizational change.

NYC Service Design Network

I'm very lucky to be part of the growing service design community in New York City. When I find the time, I enjoy planning social events to bring designers together for a drink and good discussion.

Disaster Photography

I had amazing opportunities to take photos throughout my fellowship at the NYC Office of Emergency Management, eventually becoming the "unoffical" agency photographer. This allowed me unprecedented access to Hurricane Sandy recovery operations and a variety of disaster exercises.

All of my photos can be seen on Flickr.

Hydrant Mapping

My very first project combining technology and public safety was at the Winchester, MA Fire Department. During my first summer there, I found out that the town's fire hydrants were only recorded on a paper map dating back to the 1980's. I returned the following summer and mapped over 1,000 hydrants with GPS, eventually turning them into a Google Map that firefighters could access from their fire trucks. This allows firefighters to search for hydrants on the way to a 9-1-1 call or to easily find hydrants to dig out after a snowstorm.

Recent Talks

NYU Polytech (Dec 2013) | "Government Culture"

Parsons (Sept 2013) | "Intro to NYC Government"

Makers Institute (June 2013) | "Disaster Logistics"

Parsons (Feb 2013) | "Service Design for Police"

NYU Polytech (Dec 2012) | "Service Design for Disaster Response"

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