Our Approach

Public School uses an exploratory approach that leverages innovative disciplines like systems thinking and human-centered design.

We gather data from across an organization and use this evidence to create pragmatic solutions to people, process, and organizational challenges.

1. Understand all of the details first.

Our first step is to do a deep-dive into your organization, team, and processes to understand the context of the problem. We'll continually ask "why?" about your status quo and get up-to-speed on your subject matter, whether it's child welfare or procurement.

2. Talk to staff to get their insight.

We see staff as experts in the tasks that they perform. Talking to staff helps us understand the "ground truth" of an organization. We'll conduct one-on-one conversations with your staff to give them a safe space to share their observations and ideas.

3. Create a map of the problem.

Organizations can be difficult to make sense of without a map to guide the way. We'll create a blueprint of your organization that maps out how your process or team operates. This map will highlight the new opportunities we've identified.

4. Develop a how-to manual for the solution.

Every solution needs an easy-to-follow how-to manual. We'll collaboratively develop a playbook that describes how you can implement the solution and includes new processes, roles and responsibilities, or training materials.

5. Test the solution to make sure it works.

Finally, we'll work with you to implement a pilot of the new solution. The pilot will help ensure that the solution adapts to your reality. We'll also collect feedback from your team to identify potential process improvements.

What We Work On


Staff are the backbone of an organization, but organizations don't always have time to make investing in their staff a priority. We help senior leaders take a deeper look at how they recruit, hire, train, and retain staff—and build a stronger organization as a result.


Effective public-facing programs are only one piece of successful service delivery. Organizations also need to focus on their behind-the-scenes processes, from program design to procurement. We design efficient and user-friendly processes that enable staff to deliver impactful services.


Public sector organizations are constantly growing and evolving to meet the changing needs of their constituents. We support government agencies and non-profits in optimizing org charts and reorganizing teams in order to achieve their mission.

Example Projects


How do we build a robust culture of professional development that focuses on regularly training all levels of staff on impact-oriented problem-solving skills?


How do we integrate program design into the procurement process in order to create more prescriptive RFPs that reduce risk in vendor-delivered services?


How do we create a proactive recruitment pipeline that is based on our forecasted workforce needs and minimizes the number of long-term vacant jobs?


How do we design easy-to-use forms and application processes that enable potential clients to quickly apply for our services and programs?