Discovering opportunities to improve counseling for homeowners

Client: Center for New York City Neighborhoods

Partner: 3x3 Design

The Challenge

Since case management services are not evaluated until the end of a program, any insights learned can not be applied

The Outcome

An ongoing evaluation framework that has already identified opportunities for process improvement

The Center for New York City Neighborhoods operates Temporary Housing Services for Build it Back, New York City's Hurricane Sandy disaster recovery program, and provides one-on-one housing assistance to homeowners displaced by construction.

Although the Center delivers numerous homeowner and tenant programs, their staff rarely have a chance to conduct evaluation of a program while it is still in operation. As a result, insights learned during the evaluation cannot be used to improve the ongoing delivery of a program.

Over the course of four months, Public School brought together program and support staff to envision what role evaluation could play in both improving ongoing processes and communicating outcomes to key stakeholders. Each session focused on bringing staff up to speed on the concepts and skills associated with program evaluation, while also tasking participants with completing deliverables in between sessions.

Throughout the engagement, the team was able to collaboratively design and implement an evaluation framework for the program and collect real-time data and feedback from their clients. Key data points uncovered during the evaluation process have led to insights about opportunities for improving the program, as well as concepts for future initiatives.